The Name Arham Syntex is Synonym of Reliability and Trust in Textile Business Deals since last 5 Generations...

The Best Quality Yarn
Knitted and Woven Fabric
Raw Cotton

ARHAM SYNTEX PRIVATE LIMITED is global supplier of Yarns, Fabrics, Dyes and Fibres to the Textile industry – the One-stop textile solutions since 1996We are supply chain managers playing a key role in linking producers and end users. We specialize in all stages of the marketing process including the procurement, risk management, sales, and shipment. Arham Syntex is promoted by experienced Textile Technologists.  We are backed by team of Cotton selectors, Spinning & weaving professionals and Marketing professionals.  Our team works hard to maintain customer based culture and remains focused on adding value. We supply to various countries in both developed and developing markets including Australia, China, Hong Kong, Colombia, Ecuador, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Mexico, Morocco, Sudan, USA, Yemen, etc.